A book I love!

For my second post I thought it appropriate to reccommend a picture book that I absolutely love.  It’s a beautifully written story about a young native girl from British Columbia who is counting down the days before being sent away to residential school.  The book is ‘Shi-shi-etko’ by Nicola I. Campbell.  I had the pleasure of reading this book to a group of students last year during Book Week at Trinity Gardens Primary School in Adelaide, SA.  Having been raised in B.C. myself, I can appreciate the sense of place that Campbell is able to communicate in her poetic prose.  This is a wonderful book that one can easily use to introduce the sensitive issues surrounding residential schools in Canada as well as the Stolen Generation of Australia.

Many thanks to my good friend Alison Acheson who, not only mentored Ms Campbell, but also introduced me to her on-line.  It’s not often that we, as readers, have the opportunity to personally thank the author for writing the book!


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