Creating a Pathfinder with Weebly

The process of creating a pathfinder as an assessment task for ETL501 was challenging yet satisfying.  The task really brought relevancy to the kinds of collaborative teaching and planning that a TL can do with classroom teachers.  Ideally, the TL would first identify the inquiry topic and assessment tasks with the teacher, then research the types of resources that would be needed for these specific tasks.  I can appreciate how useful access to a pathfinder or learning website would be to students in the research process.  It certainly saves on endless hours of searching the net.  It allows for more time to be spent locating and using relevant resources that have been evaluated by a TL as being uselful, relevant and coming from good authority.

Without a doubt, the most beneficial part of the process was planning.  Creating a template for the pathfinder and documenting resources on a Word Document made the process much more clear and easy to transfer onto the Weebly website.  Once the initial design elements were chosen, everything else fell into place quite easily.  Perhaps the trickiest part was adding elements like YouTube and other Links because, as usual, I tend to go with my instincts rather than follow instructions.

Please check out my pathfinder and let me know what you think!


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