Assignments, PD and trying to keep up!

Yes, it’s busy! I’m currently in the midst of writing Assignment 2 for Educational Research but felt the need to blog as it’s been far too long since my last post. Getting my head around the research process has been a steep learning curve. Between the terminology, the designs, methods, paradigms etc. there has certainly been a lot to take in and digest. I was ecstatic to discover that Bev has offered an extension which means that we will have another weekend to complete our Research Design assignments which will be extremely beneficial considering the busy schedule I’ve had lately.
Last week I attended ‘8 Things to Look For in Today’s Classroom’ with George Couros. I must admit I wasn’t too keen to venture out on a Thursday night after work, particularly with an assignment looming, but I have to say it was well worth it. George Couros is an engaging speaker who has an enthusiastic and infectious attitude toward innovation in education. Much of what he shared with us was exactly what this course is about – innovating our learning environments to suit 21st Century technologies and attitudes. So, here are George’s ‘8 Things’: Critical Thinking; Problem Finders and Solvers; Connected Learners; Opportunities for Innovation; Self-Assessment; Reflection; Learning is Creating; Voice (I hope I got it right – that’s the way I wrote them down!!). So, dragging myself out of the house was worth it and to top it off it was nice to run into a fellow Canadian (George is from Edmonton, Alberta might I add!).
Back to the assignment writing for me! Yes, eventhough I have one more weekend to get this one finished, I do not want to squander my time by going on Facebook, Twitter or watching The Voice – Live Battles! Back to work!!


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