Next…. Professional Placement

It’s been a long term.  I managed to survive ETL500 perhaps not quite as successfully as I would have hoped, but as Bev suggested, it is one of the more challenging of the subjects in the Teacher Librarianship program.  Nevertheless, I got through it; I gained valuable information about research and I have a new appreciation for the time, effort and commitment needed to undertake a research project.

The next step on the road to becoming a Library professional is my placement at Geneaology SA beginning Monday, July 8th.  The process of locating a resource centre/library that would take me on for the professional placement was a bit more challenging than I had initially anticipated.  I began with the notion that I would be able to choose from the larger information agencies in Adelaide such as the State Library, the University Libraries or even some of the public libraries in my area.  I spent many weeks making phone calls, sending emails and waiting for responses from prospective hosts.  Once I had made contact I soon realised that most of the agencies had existing agreements with either UNISA or TAFE library programs.  I was pleasantly surprised when I heard back from Geneaology SA.  I was relieved and extremely excited to hear back from Richard who has proposed two options for the focus of placement which are:

1.  systems and processes associated with data collection, data indexing and/or transcription, data entry checking, database operations, online publication including online searching.

2. develop a curriculum  and content for teaching activities, and help to set up something web-based.

Either prospect sounds interesting and an opportunity to add a different facet and dimension to my library and teaching experiences.  I’m looking forward to this new learning opportunity and am also quite curious to see if I can find out a little bit more about my own family history!



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