ETL 505

Module 2

Internet activity – SCIS

Locate three catalogue records of interest to you and explore which elements can be searched on in this particular catalogue (Voyager software), and which elements describe a resource’s information content. It is best to search for current records (2012 on) to see recent examples of SCIS records.

1)     Using the title:  Pennies for Hitler, I searched SCIS catalogue and found the following information:

2)     Using the Author’s last name I searched ‘Gleitzman’ and came up with too many records.  I filtered the search down to 2011 and after which narrowed my findings greatly.  I was then able to find the book After which was published in 2012 and is a CBCA shortlisted book this year.  I found two versions of this book each from different publishers:  Camberwell, Vic. : Viking 2012 and London: Puffin 2012.






3)     I searched Nazi Germany to find a non-fiction book that might complement the two fiction stories based on experiences during the Nazi occupation and found a comprehensive list in the SCIS Catalogue.  I chose the following autobiography: Letter from my father by Dasia Black:


 I decided to base my SCIS searches on two of the CBCA shortlisted books:  Pennies for Hitler by Jackie French and After by Morris Gleitzman.  I searched the first book, Pennies for Hitler using the title of the book in which two results were listed:  the book and an electronic resource. 

I searched the second book through the author’s name: Gleitzman for which there were 241 results.  Far too many!  I then filtered the search from 2011 and after.  This narrowed my results to a manageable 13 resources.  The book After was the second and third result listed.  This was interesting as it showed a listing for two separate publications.  The most noticeable difference in these two publications is the number of pages in each book.  The Viking version has 160 pages and the Puffin – 208 pages.  This leads me to think that the Puffin edition has larger print which may be advantageous to individuals with impaired vision.

As both books were concerned with Nazi Germany during WW II, I decided to search for non-fiction books with similar content.  I used ‘Nazi Germany’ as my search term and found many records.  Again I needed to filter my search using 2011 and after. 

I found the autobiography Letter from my father, by Dasia Black. Using SCIS allowed me to successfully find, identify and select sources easily.  Obtaining them, of course, would be my next step.

Trove – National Library of Australia

Trove is basically a ‘treasure trove’ of resources from the National Library’s digital archives.  I’ve been accessing Trove for a while now, particulary when searching for primary and secondary sources to support the history curriculum.  Whilst on my placement at Genealogy SA I also discovered that family history researchers also use Trove’s online resources to search for Births, Deaths, and Marriage documents.  There are also photos, artefacts/objects and a wealth of digital records accessible through Trove. 

While at Genealogy SA I discovered quite a few digitised newspaper articles that mentioned my dad during his motorcycle Speedway racing days



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