EER 500 Assignment 1b Reflection

The wait is over. This assignment was quite different than other papers I’ve written in the past. The entire process was scaffolded and there was a definite step-by-step process in writing and presenting the paper. It was a bit of an adjustment because things that I would do naturally, like creating a document, inserting footers etc. was already done in the template. I also found it challenging to analyse not only my own proposed research question but, as well, someone else’s and try to offer improvements and new iterations to both. I can now better appreciate the difficult and lengthy process of developing a good research question.

The return of my marked assignment brought both satisfaction and disappointment. Overall, my mark was fine. I have to keep remembering that my goal in doing this course is not just to achieve good ‘marks’ but to achieve improved understanding and greater knowledge in the field of Education and Teacher Librarianship. Although not in the range where I’m jumping for joy, my mark did reflect the areas in which I need to develop my research writing skills. I was pleased that Bev recognised that I have a ‘quite a facility for writing’ although it appears that I often went off track and didn’t always refer back to the Wiki statements as well as needing to identify and comment on how the statements made connections between the research questions and the literature. I also need to develop more effective use of references within my writing. All of Bev’s comments were positive in that they were constructively given. I appreciate the time that she has spent giving such a detailed evaluation of my work. My next goal will be to apply her feedback to Assignment 2 and hopefully achieve what I feel I am capable of, a well written, well referenced research design!


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